Brother and sister rocking modern music on an ancient instrument.  Aiwen (11 years old) plays the guzheng, a 21-stringed traditional Chinese zither. Her brother Micah (7 years old) plays the drums.  They have been playing music together for as long as they can remember, combining classic Chinese songs with modern Western tunes and original compositions.

Amal and Malak are a mother and daughter duo from Lebanon they will performing Arabic folklore music. Along with Yaqoub Hawari who will be playing the Nay which is flute like instrument that is usually used for Palestinian Folklore music. 

Carla & Javi are loved for approaching dance with emphasis on connection and technique, fused with humour and theatrical exercises. Alongside a deep understanding of body conditioning and anatomy, they make dance accessible to students of all ages and abilities. Carla and Javi have trained extensively in Brazil to further develop their teaching methodology and to share a true cultural dance experience with their students.  Welcome to Brazilian Zouk!  

Cookin' With Brass is a high octane band that supercharges Top 40 Pop songs with their universal party groove. This Funky Brass Band will turn any event into a family friendly New Orleans street party. Cookin' With Brass has a repertoire that spans from early Motown songs like I Want You Back by The Jackson 5 to Flowers by Miley Cyrus and other Top 40 hits plus New Orleans Brass Band favourites.  

Known for their heart pounding energy, this adrenaline-charged band features an innovative blend of traditional New Orleans brass sounds, R&B, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop beats, Rock and Pop. Their genre-bending performances unleash brassy Funk and Street Beat rhythms that move people.

Habibi Fabio is a Pop/RnB Singer-Songwriter. He started singing at a young age. Growing up he sang at his church choir and is still a part of it till this day. Learning from his father who was also a singer Habibi Fabio learned the root of his music, helping and inspiring him about music and making him that much more passionate about the journey that he would be taking.

This Artist has opened up for artists such as Akon, Jay Sean, Mario, and JRDN. His ever-growing knowledge in the music industry has taken him to more respectable heights in the local Pop-R&B community.

Celestial, sincere, youthful, and banging. Vancouver-raised singer-songwriter/producer and multi-in- strumentalist Haleluya Hailu has become a local musical staple.Hailu has managed to turn the stress and angst of growing up and not recognizing yourself into music that anyone could see themselves in.

Isaac Gasangwa, aka Izo Dreamchaser, is an educator, creator and ambassador of African cultures in Vancouver. He is the founder of Afro-Beats Van, an organization that offers dance classes and performances to initiate, educate and inspire Vancouverites to connect with African culture and history, as well as than to tackle the social problems of racism and police brutality.

Cultural dance group.

Leigh Kathryn is a 17 year old Filipina musician whose main purpose with her music is to evoke emotion out of others with it. Whether it be happiness, sadness, or a moment of grief, Leigh seeks to touch the souls of people who listen to her.  

An endorsee of YSL Pro, Lisa Patterson is an award-winning music creator and entrepreneur who has been championing collaboration and inclusion across 3 continents for the past 25 years. At her LPM studio in Toronto, Canada she works as a producer-engineer, songwriter-musician, string-horn arranger as well as running an innovative Artist Development Program whose successes include Warner Records signing Alex Frew & ISC semi-finalist Nova Carver-Cook. 

Los Mochitekos is a regional Mexican band based in Vancouver BC. Formed in 2019, performing from backyard parties to local bars and all across BC and Canada, Los Mochitekos bring you a unique sound from the heart of Sinaloa. 

MAMAKEISH is the only professional K-pop dance academy in Vancouver, specializing in training talented students. MAMAKEISH offers a range of courses, starting from beginner-level K-pop dance classes that anyone can take, to a trainee program that incorporates the training system of Korean entertainment companies, providing an experience that cannot be found elsewhere in Canada. MAMAKEISH also has a performance team dedicated to various events and shows.  As the heart of K-Pop culture in Vancouver, MAMAKEISH provides new opportunities and experiences.

Local “Yetiz” band has been performing Nepali folk songs at Fusion Festival for many years. They also perform and sing in many community programs.

ROOTS is a Peruvian folk dance group founded in 2017 under the direction of Jessica Roca Muncaster. ROOTS seeks to present and preserve Peruvian cultural dances within the communities of British Colombia. The beauty, colour, and excitement of traditional Peruvian dances are displayed in the repertoire, including dances from the three regions of Peru: Coastal, Andes, and the Amazon.
You can find ROOTS performing in a variety of venues including festivals, community groups, schools, and private events. Audiences love the combination of music, costumes, and folklore presented during the performances. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself up on your feet for the final dance. 
Roots is a group of volunteer dancers with various cultural backgrounds who share a passion for Peruvian Folk Dance. If you want a taste of Peru this is the group for you.  The rich heritage of Peruvian folk artistry is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Sekarwati Surrey is defined as the charm of Surrey which will present the traditional Indonesian "Renggong Manis and Indonesia Menari" dances. As high school students, they actively study Indonesian traditional dances and aspire to continue preserving Indonesian dances in Canada, especially on the West coast of Canada.

Shally Rehal is an indian-canadian singer songwriter blending different sounds from Punjabi Hip Hop and R&B based in Surrey BC. Shally started making music at 17 and refined his sound until releasing his first single “Top Gear” in April of 2020. 

Shortly after he met KULTARGOTBOUNCE who has been executive producing and curating his sound which came together on their first release “Nakhra”. Shally Rehal has made it clear that his smooth vocals and talented songwriting have made him a force in the Punjabi music scene that is here to stay. Following up on the early success of the MIDNIGHT EP and TikTok hit EUPHORIA, Shally and Bounce released, STEP, via Snakes & Ladders in February of 2023. Shally Rehal has carved his own unique path in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Punjabi R&B that will resonate for generations to come.