Canadabkeh consists of a women’s dabke team and a men’s dabke team who work closely to establish a functional well-rounded dabke representation. We are known for our diverse performances where both teams are found to either perform solely or together depending on the requirements of encounters requested.

Cosmo has an arsenal of antics in her clown trunk.  Circus surprises abound with flying hats, precipitous balancing acts, and inspired confusion. What will pop up next? Prepare yourselves for a generous helping of danger, dorkyness, and delight as she attempts valiantly to share the joys of circus with the audience, while skirting disaster.  

Kwasi is the owner of African arts and percussion. Djembe drum instructor and performer. Wale is a traditional Sakara player, performer and singer. Chris plays djembe drums, congas, percussion, guitar, bass and vocals.

Powerful, uplifting, and energetic, the Eire Born Irish Dance Company is a professional performance troupe that caters to all audiences. From the lively lifts in soft shoe to the intricate rhythms in hard shoe, the choreographies showcase traditional Irish dancing with a modern twist.

Ezra Kwizera is an international artist, music producer and community leader. Ezra’s music style is richly multi‐cultural – a zesty yet soulful mix of Reggae, Soca, East African Bongo, and Pop. With linguistic agility, Ezra fluidly sings and raps in English, Kinyarwanda, Luganda, Zulu and Swahili. 

We would like to show you how to make some feature items from our menu! 

Indigenous Welcome & Opening Ceremony

Experience an Indigenous Welcome and opening remarks from Mayor, Council and dignitaries.

Jobé is a multi-faceted artistic individual from the Fraser valley, growing up between Vancouver and Abbotsford. Seeing the beauty in expressing emotions and storytelling through song, really inspired her to eventually find her own voice. Bringing you ethereal moody vibes, with heavy harmonies rooted in neo soul, rnb and jazz.

Korean Traditional Arts Society Drummers

The Korean Traditional Arts Society (KTAS) is dedicated to promoting the various art forms and expressions of Korean traditional culture and art in Vancouver, Canada. KTAS aims to raise community awareness of Korean culture. Develop educational activities, materials and resources available to a diverse audience through workshops, exhibits and performances. KTAS also aims to encourage and promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between Canada and Korea.

Matt Levy is a York University-trained Actor, Juggler, Spoken word artist, Dancer, Clown, Comic and variety performer. Matt incorporates juggling, (clubs, bowling balls, fire, axes), tight rope, incredible feats of balance, plate spinning, rola bola, ballooning, and magic into a fun-filled, interactive, high-impact show. It can be tailored to meet any venue or audience. He also instructs kids and adults in all these skills in his “One man shows!

The Norma McKnight Ventriloquist Show: A multitude of puppets spring to life from Norma’s unique combination of wit, ventriloquist technique and interactive humour. Customized shows for all ages- aboard cruise ships, at festivals, casinos, comedy clubs and community/corporate/children’s events.

2022 Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominee - "Best Traditional Singer" has become known as one of the most exciting roots artists in Western Canada.

Equally skilled at delivering a dance-inducing, powerhouse Celtic rock tune as a quietly heartrending East Coast-influenced ballad, Pat’s rootsy vocal style, charismatic stage presence and expert musicianship (guitar) are making for an ever-growing audience of enthusiastic fans.

Its music is played and performed, and often written, in Pat’s distinctive and unique voice; strongly rooted in the Celtic tradition, but with an open-hearted connection to the place he calls home and the modern world around him. His lyrics are at turns profound – or witty and high-spirited – but always dynamic and relatable.

Rangla Punjab Arts Academy’s main motive is to promote the Punjabi Culture and the Punjabi Language within the new generations.  Rangla Punjab Arts Academy was established in 2016 by the legendary folk artist Sarbjit Cheema.  Rangla Punjab Arts Academy currently holds more than 1000 students learning the Punjabi Folk Dance in Surrey, BC. 

Tambura Rasa is a buoyant cultural cross-pollination that fuses contemporary grooves and traditional rhythms into one energetic musical brand of their own. The act weaves a tapestry of sound and dance from The Balkans, Spain, Turkey, Middle East and beyond. The latest album entitled “Infinite ∞” explores ever newer musical territories, adding modern-classical, folk-americana, and even prog-rock into their growing “world music repertoire”.

The Pat Calihou Band

Pat Calihou is a Métis blues musician specializing in lap slide blues and rock and roll. He has been performed in numerous music festivals and bike runs and fundraising events all across this land With band six foot cherry and also the Pat Calihou band.

Tim Readman is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer and music journalist, originally from County Durham, England and now based in Vancouver BC. He has an extensive repertoire of original songs and can also perform everything from traditional folk songs to more contemporary material. He is the leader of Canadian Celtic/Folk favourites, Fear of Drinking, with whom he has recorded four albums, and has played for years with Canada’s clown princes of musical comedy,

Prairie Wolfe is a native of Vancouver, BC. She got her fiddling start over 20 years ago, inspired by Canadian/Metis fiddler Anne Lederman. She has a rhythmic, driving fiddle style that blends well with Tim's guitar playing and gets toes tapping. Prairie also performs with Seattle-based French-Canadian band Podorythmie.