Semiah is a Kanien'keha:ka (Mohawk), Turtle clan electro R&B artist from Six Nations, ON. Now based out of Toronto, Semiah's songs radiate the energy of an artist with an international heart who grew up touring around the world: from art festivals in the Australian outback to the beaches of Trinidad since the age of 7. 

Semiah's atypical voice, harmonies, and melodies were shaped by the Indigenous women's acapella group, Ulali, with the most mentorship from the member, Jen Kreisberg. Semiah's distinctive vocal sound is now supported by melodic and production elements of R&B, electronic, lofi, hip-hop, psychedelic-rock, and dream pop. 

From Whistler, BC emerges a voice that rivals the uniqueness of the wondrous scenery in which it was nurtured. Singer-songwriter ZADA’s buoyant and ethereal alternative R&B sound is both refreshing as it is comforting, and all this amalgamates on her debut album, Water in the Desert.

ZADA’s music is laced with synths, inundated with guitars and is inspired by the scenic imagery of her hometown.

Gisto and the Grateful Living blend reggae, funk, and soulful grooves into an electrifying live experience. Led by charismatic frontman Gisto, this dynamic band captivates audiences with infectious rhythms and uplifting vibes. 

Renowned for their high-energy performances and positive messages, they transform every venue into a dance-filled celebration. Join the Grateful Living movement and let the music elevate your spirit!

For countless generations First Nations dance played an integral part in defining art and culture. Their share stories behind their songs and dances that go back to time in memorial. Dancing and singing are small aspects of their culture. Each part of their regalia has a history and a story of rights of passage passed down from one generation to the next. 

Matt Levy is a York University trained actor, juggler, spoken word artist, dancer, clown, comic and variety performer. Matt incorporates juggling, (clubs, bowling balls, fire, axes), tight rope, incredible feats of balance, plate spinning, rola bola, ballooning, and magic into a fun filled, interactive, high impact show. With over 22 years of cirque-style stand-up comedy and juggling experience all over Canada, he loves to entertain. Presented here by Living Magic Entertainment, Vancouver's premier children's entertainment company.