Formed in East Van, the vibrant musical hub of Vancouver, the Big Easy Funk Ensemble is a band the pays homage to the rich musical traditions of New Orleans while infusing their own distinct West Coast flavor. Founded on a shared passion for the diverse sounds that have emerged from the heart of Louisiana, the ensemble brings to life the infectious rhythms and soulful melodies that define the New Orleans sound. With repertoire that spans across genres such as funk, jazz, soul, and blues.

Drawing inspiration from their surroundings on the West Coast, the ensemble adds a fresh perspective to the music, creating a fusion that is both dynamic and eclectic. With their energetic live shows and infectious enthusiasm, the Big Easy Funk ensemble invites audiences to join them on a musical journey that celebrates the timeless appeal of New Orleans music while embracing the spirit of innovation and creativity.

Cheri Maracle is a Haudenosaunee/Irish actress, singer, playwright, and host from the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She has been performing on stages across Turtle Island and abroad for over 25 years and has many TV, stage, and music credits to her name.

Cheri’s musical background began with hand drum music with the Indigenous women’s group Tiyoweh. She then penned two original albums, Closer to Home and If I Am Water, which garnered several nominations in the Indigenous music industry. Her third album, Ache of Love, is a jazz compilation, reflecting her forever love for jazz music. Cheri had the privilege of portraying Mildred Bailey at the First Ladies of Jazz concert at the Celebration of Nations Gathering in St. Catherines. Most recently, Cheri played the Waterloo Jazz Fest and the TU Jazz Fest in Ontario with her quintet. Cheri’s music can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

Upcoming, Cheri will appear in Women of the Fur Trade at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and Tartuffe at the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver.

Embrace the vibrant rhythms and eclectic melodies of the Vancouver-based psychedelic cumbia and salsa ensemble, Empanadas Ilegales. Drawing inspiration from traditional Amazonian, Latin-Caribbean, and Andean psychedelic classics, Empanadas Ilegales transports audiences to a world of contagious grooves and altered sonic landscapes. 

With their latest record, "Creepy Mambo," the band delves deep into the heart of cumbia culture, paying homage to cult classics while infusing their music with experimental synthesizer sounds, slinky dub grooves, and feverish percussion excursions. Empanadas Ilegales creates expansive compositions that combine spellbinding guitar solos, surf riffs, and raucous saxophones, all punctuated by irresistibly danceable rhythms.

Emmett Martin Hatlelid’s work takes value from the past, and brings it to the present. His style as a Jazz vocalist hearkens to the sound of Bing Crosby, Al Bowlly, and Frank Sinatra. 

Emmett’s music evokes the spirit of a time when music was restorative, when people walked home humming the tunes they’d just heard and danced to, and those notes carried them through tough times.

He takes pleasure in the pop-culture of old, setting music to the words of Emily Dickinson, and watching musicals from their golden age, such as the works of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. He hopes to share some of that magic with contemporary audiences, performing mostly in the Vancouver and lower mainland area.