Malkit Singh MBE is a Punjabi Bhangra singer. Most famous for the songs "Gur Nalo Ishq Mita", "Tootak Tootak Tootiyan", "Kurri Garam Jayee", as well as recently, "Chal Hun". Whilst "Jind Mahi" features in the blockbuster "Bend It Like Beckham" soundtrack.

Singh (originally born Boparai) was born and raised in the Hussainpur Village, near Nakodar, district Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

He has recently released "21st chapter" featuring the hugely popular and classic "Jago Aaya". Singh and his backup band Golden Star have toured in twenty-seven countries.

DJ Goddess is a world class EDM/Bollywood DJ and Music Producer and has achieved so much internationally. She has been listed number one DJ in Canada since 2013 and number three new DJ in the world. Since then she's garnered millions of views. Her total views are over 250 Million (Quarter billion views) on Youtube alone including original track appearances.

Founder of the African Friendship Society, Jacky Essombe –aka Jacky Yenga– is a performer, TEDx speaker and best-selling author, and a messenger for the healing wisdom of African villages. She teaches how to use the power of community to heal and access joy through rhythm, movement and connection. Kocassalé Dioubaté (Guinea/Senegal), Aly Traoré (Guinea) and N’nato Camara (Guinea) are joining Jaky in this hear-pounding performance that showcases traditional rhythms, songs and dances from West and Central Africa. 

Timba Cartel’s captivating high-energy music, transports audiences to tropical lands with the distinct sound of modern Salsa called Timba This dynamic evolution of Cuban popular dance music is a fusion of mambo, son and Afro-Cuban folklore with an added dash of Funk and R&B, the end result is a fiesta of rhythm and melody that gets the audience dancing, singing and above all having fun. It's party time when this 9 piece ensemble that features rich, resonant vocals, punchy brass and turbo loaded percussion section hits the stage. 

The members of Timba Cartel are an all star cast of multicultural musicians that collectively have been involved in Grammy and Juno award winning recordings and have played festivals at home and around the world. Timba Cartel is ready to take their music to the world and bring the party wherever they go. The future looks bright for this Vancouver based Latin music force.

Formed in East Van, the vibrant musical hub of Vancouver, the Big Easy Funk Ensemble is a band the pays homage to the rich musical traditions of New Orleans while infusing their own distinct West Coast flavor. Founded on a shared passion for the diverse sounds that have emerged from the heart of Louisiana, the ensemble brings to life the infectious rhythms and soulful melodies that define the New Orleans sound. With repertoire that spans across genres such as funk, jazz, soul, and blues.

Drawing inspiration from their surroundings on the West Coast, the ensemble adds a fresh perspective to the music, creating a fusion that is both dynamic and eclectic. With their energetic live shows and infectious enthusiasm, the Big Easy Funk ensemble invites audiences to join them on a musical journey that celebrates the timeless appeal of New Orleans music while embracing the spirit of innovation and creativity.

The Git Hayetsk Dancers are an internationally renowned dance group led in partnership by artist and carver Mike Dangeli (Nisga’a, Tsimshian, Tlingit, and Tsetsaut Nations) and Dr. Mique’l Dangeli (Tsimshian and Tlingit Nations), Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Arts at the University of the Fraser Valley.  

Git Hayetsk means “people of the copper shield” in Sm’algya̱x, the language spoken by the Nisga’a, Tsimshian, and Gitxsan Nations. The copper shield is the highest form of ceremonial wealth shared among their people as well as other First Nations along the Northwest Coast. Their dancers are bonded by their connections to the Sm’algya̱x speaking peoples with distinction in their family ties to the many other Nations in Northern British Columbia, the Yukon, and Southeast Alaska. Since 1999, they have shared their songs and dances at ceremonial and public events in urban and rural communities through Canada, the US, and abroad including Austria, Malaysia, Germany, and Japan.

Winner of the Showcase Showdown 2023, Ojibway comedian Brenda Prince talks about the absurdities of the real world with her unique jokes. 

Higher Ground Dance Company is in its 5th year and season and is based out of Vancouver. Founded and created by Natasha Gorrie, Higher Ground’s program is unlike any other street dance company in the lower mainland. Focusing on personal growth to help you level up, build your own voice and identity, and build knowledge of history with a true understanding of the culture of street dances.

Training in fundamentals of various street dances but focusing on Hip Hop styles, Breaking, Popping & locking.

Hua Xia Multiculture Society has as a primary mission coordinating and implementing comprehensive educational, cultural and social programs designed to promote intercultural dialogue, awareness and to respect for diversity. Through advocacy and cultural programs, they create opportunities for their clients and members to expand their cultural knowledge and appreciation.  

They utilize their programs and support systems to provide an optimum developmental environment where all members may develop to the highest level of their potential within the intellectually and culturally vibrant community of in Surrey, and Lower Mainland of BC.

Aché Brasil - An Explosion of Color, Energy, and Music!

Aché Brasil represents the culture, traditions, beliefs, music, and movement of the people of Brazil. Equal parts music, dance, and spectacle, Aché Brasil has played to enthusiastic audiences and received critical acclaim from all over North America. Aché Brasil specializes in the performance of popular and traditional high-energy Afro-Brazilian music, dance, and acrobatics. Aché Brasil’s high-energy show is known to leave the audience spellbound.

Founded in 2017 in Vancouver, the Anemos Greek Dance Group of the Messinian Brotherhood of BC is a dedicated group committed to preserving and presenting traditional dances from Messinia and other regions of Greece. Anemos is very active in the community, frequently hosting events and fundraisers to support their group and initiatives to foster the education of traditional Greek dances.

Most recently, eight Anemos dancers traveled to Toronto to learn dances and music from four different regions of Greece at the Klironomia Hellenic Folklore in Canada Conference.

They are very excited to perform dances from the Greek Islands for you all today!

APPARE Yosakoi Vancouver,  is a newly founded Japanese dance team in Vancouver! They dance to light up the city of "RAINcouver" and bring smiles, energy, and joy to people. The name of the group has double meanings: the characters for APPARE (天晴) mean "clear the sky and sunny," and "あっぱれ" is a word people shout out after seeing an excellent performance in Japan. We hope you enjoy their performance and shout out "APPARE" together!

Brazilian Swag is a dance group composed of girls who came together to share their passion for dance with the community. They bring their culture to life by performing Brazilian rhythms, and each member also has a rich background in dance and other activities like Capoeira. You can see this mix in their performances with Abalaê Capoeira, which bring the roots of Brazil with love and passion

Cheri Maracle is a Haudenosaunee/Irish actress, singer, playwright, and host from the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She has been performing on stages across Turtle Island and abroad for over 25 years and has many TV, stage, and music credits to her name.

Cheri’s musical background began with hand drum music with the Indigenous women’s group Tiyoweh. She then penned two original albums, Closer to Home and If I Am Water, which garnered several nominations in the Indigenous music industry. Her third album, Ache of Love, is a jazz compilation, reflecting her forever love for jazz music. Cheri had the privilege of portraying Mildred Bailey at the First Ladies of Jazz concert at the Celebration of Nations Gathering in St. Catherines. Most recently, Cheri played the Waterloo Jazz Fest and the TU Jazz Fest in Ontario with her quintet. Cheri’s music can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

Upcoming, Cheri will appear in Women of the Fur Trade at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and Tartuffe at the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver.

Elise Boulanger is a haunting presence from Vancouver and Nanaimo, Canada, on Coast Salish lands. This Chamber-Pop artist captivates audiences with her haunting avalanche of a voice. Boulanger, a bilingual operatically-trained environmental advocate, creates cinematic dreamscapes with her band, which includes double bass, cello, violin, and drums.

Boulanger's newest release, “Spirit Seekers,” showcases her electronic entrance. This composition is for the seven-part docuseries Spirit Seekers, which shares rumored ghost stories from locations around Vancouver Island. Director and Medium Paula DeMontigny possesses a special ability to sense and communicate with the spirits who roamed these areas.

Performing for over 15 years, she began touring in 2021 across Western and Eastern Canada, as well as Vancouver Island and the Kootenays, as she continues to grow in the Canadian market. Boulanger's sound is reminiscent of Kate Bush with her angelic yet raw dramatic artistry and has been described as "definitely one to watch" by the Times Colonist. Her actions are bold and beautiful as she takes advantage of the stage to teach audiences how to adapt to climate change.

Embrace the vibrant rhythms and eclectic melodies of the Vancouver-based psychedelic cumbia and salsa ensemble, Empanadas Ilegales. Drawing inspiration from traditional Amazonian, Latin-Caribbean, and Andean psychedelic classics, Empanadas Ilegales transports audiences to a world of contagious grooves and altered sonic landscapes. 

With their latest record, "Creepy Mambo," the band delves deep into the heart of cumbia culture, paying homage to cult classics while infusing their music with experimental synthesizer sounds, slinky dub grooves, and feverish percussion excursions. Empanadas Ilegales creates expansive compositions that combine spellbinding guitar solos, surf riffs, and raucous saxophones, all punctuated by irresistibly danceable rhythms.