Born and raised in Guantanamo, Cuba, in a family of established musicians, Julio Avila's musical journey dates back to when he was 7 years old. Listening to his parents and older siblings perform, Julio first developed a strong bond with the traditional tune, changüí, which has roots in his native Guantanamo.

Surrounded by this vibrant and rich musical heritage, Julio perfected playing his principal instrument, the bass, while taking on the lead singer, arranger and composer roles as well. As a member of the internationally renowned group La Sonora Universal, Julio performed throughout Europe and with El Grupo Cubano Brisas Del Palmar he has toured Western Canada since 2005.  


Timba Cartel’s captivating high-energy music, transports audiences to tropical lands with the distinct sound of modern Salsa called Timba This dynamic evolution of Cuban popular dance music is a fusion of mambo, son and Afro-Cuban folklore with an added dash of Funk and R&B, the end result is a fiesta of rhythm and melody that gets the audience dancing, singing and above all having fun. It's party time when this 9 piece ensemble that features rich, resonant vocals, punchy brass and turbo loaded percussion section hits the stage. 

The members of Timba Cartel are an all star cast of multicultural musicians that collectively have been involved in Grammy and Juno award winning recordings and have played festivals at home and around the world. Timba Cartel is ready to take their music to the world and bring the party wherever they go. The future looks bright for this Vancouver based Latin music force.

Aché Brasil - An Explosion of Color, Energy, and Music!

Aché Brasil represents the culture, traditions, beliefs, music, and movement of the people of Brazil. Equal parts music, dance, and spectacle, Aché Brasil has played to enthusiastic audiences and received critical acclaim from all over North America. Aché Brasil specializes in the performance of popular and traditional high-energy Afro-Brazilian music, dance, and acrobatics. Aché Brasil’s high-energy show is known to leave the audience spellbound.

Brazilian Swag is a dance group composed of girls who came together to share their passion for dance with the community. They bring their culture to life by performing Brazilian rhythms, and each member also has a rich background in dance and other activities like Capoeira. You can see this mix in their performances with Abalaê Capoeira, which bring the roots of Brazil with love and passion

Marlin Ramazzini is one of the most versatile and accomplished Latin singers on the West Coast of Canada, with a warm and sensuous voice that can tease out the essence of any song.

Growing up in Guatemala, she was inspired to start singing by listening to Cuban son, cha-cha-cha, mambo, and other hot rhythms on the radio. After winning a major talent competition at the age of 12, Marlin realized that her destiny was to make music.

She studied in Havana with several of the greatest Cuban musicians, such as the Buena Vista Social Club’s Omara Portuondo, and also learned to play percussion and marimba from master musicians.

Marlin settled in Canada in 1990, where she quickly became a pillar of the lively Latin scene, working with its leading artists. Within a few years, she created her own group under the musical direction of her husband, Juno Award-winning bassist and composer Fito Garcia.





Mexico Vivo Dance Group established in 2002. Their goal is to share and preserve their Mexican culture through the art of dance. 

What to expect: Experience the vibrant culture of Mexico through a series of captivating folklore dances from different regions of Mexico. Be mesmerized by the colorful costumes and the lively music that bring the rich heritage of Mexico to life. 

Muévete is a marimba ensemble that loves to get people on their feet and moving! The band has been playing together for many years, during which they have performed at festivals (Vancouver World Music Festival, Vancouver Island Music Festival, Richmond World Festival, Surrey Fusion Festival, and many more) and concerts around the province. This year, the group has been working hard on writing original songs that they can’t wait to share.




Brazilian Swag Dance Group is a cultural group, their performance brings culture from the time Brazil was still a colony up to the latest trendy rhythms along with Capoeira performances from Abalae Capoeira.