Los Duendes is a Psychedelic Latin Fusion band based out of Vancouver. Mixing genres like Cumbia, Salsa and Jazz with soaring virtuosic guitar riffs, their unique sound mirrors the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary Canadian culture. The term “Psych Cumbia” refers to various different styles of tropical Latin American music, with their finger on the pulse of today’s latin music reconstruction Los Duendes breathes new life into timeless rhythms like “Chicha” and “Cumbia”. Tener Duende loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. Derived from the duende, an elf or goblin-like magical creature in Spanish mythology. El duende is the spirit of evocation. It surfaces as a physical and emotional response to art. The Duende climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet… It’s what gives you chills, makes you smile or cry as a bodily reaction to an artistic performance that is particularly expressive. 

Started in 1996, we are a Vancouver based Latin Dance Company. We perform locally, at festivals, and all over the world for competitions.

The members of Timba Cartel are an All Star cast of multicultural musicians that collectively have been involved in Grammy and Juno award winning recordings and have played Festivals at home and around the world. Timba Cartel is ready to take their music to the world and bring the party wherever they go. The future looks bright for this Vancouver based Latin music force.

Brazilian Swag Dance Group is a cultural group, their performance brings culture from the time Brazil was still a colony up to the latest trendy rhythms along with Capoeira performances from Abalae Capoeira.

Singing since the age of seven, Héctor Darío González Aguirre known as Vercenzo has a very rich and diverse background in music that ranges from singing Salsa/Pop music to performing arias by Mozart. A graduate from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor’s in Music, Vercenzo has performed in music festivals all over Canada. 

The Mexican Dance Ensemble of Vancouver (MDE) was founded in March 2013 by professional Dancer Lourdes Ruiz. Mexico and its beauty are showcased through our dance numbers. Some of them narrate parts of the country’s history and general aspects of life, love, and death. 
History Danza folklórica Mexicana is a choreographed style of dance rooted in regional Mexican folklore, dating back to the post-Revolutionary period (1910). It contains theatrical elements and is considered a stylized art form. Its objective is to showcase the cultural diversity of each of the provinces in Mexico. 

Muévete is a marimba ensemble that loves to get people on their feet and moving. The group is composed of ten people, ranging from ages 15-25. The band has been playing together for seven years. In those years, they have played at festivals and concerts around the province. This year the group has been working hard on writing original songs that they can't wait for you to hear. 

Los Mochitekos is a regional Mexican band based in Vancouver BC. Formed in 2019, performing from backyard parties to local bars and all across BC and Canada, Los Mochitekos bring you a unique sound from the heart of Sinaloa.