Born in Ghana, and raised between the UK and Canada, artist and songwriter, MAUVEY, defies categorization with his unique blend of influences spanning Afro, pop, hip-hop, cinematic, rock, punk, alternative, and electronic genres.

Born out of an obsession with storytelling, songwriting, cinema, and fashion, MAUVEY's music reflects a spectrum of emotions — anger, frustration, happiness, gratitude, and love— all intertwined with a fervent desire for the world to change.


Nicky Beatz, a DJ hailing from the South Surrey/White Rock area, was driven to embark on his DJing journey by his lifelong love for music and forming interpersonal connections.

Influenced by the diverse environment he grew up in, his dynamic and eclectic style has led him to explore a multitude of genres, ranging from hip hop and R&B to house, afrobeats, international dance music, desi fusion, and beyond.

Known for being able to rock every party he walks into, Nicky Beatz takes pride in his passion for bridging the gap between the audience and the music. His passion for fostering communities extends through his collaborative efforts with multiple artist collectives such as Play By Play, The Kuyas, and Aux Cord Kids.

If you don't know this emerging artist, well get to know and remember this name - Missy D. She's been rhyming since the tender age of 11, effortlessly switching between French and English, hailing from the Motherland with roots in Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, and Zimbabwe. Her passion for music transcends boundaries, ignited by the likes of the iconic Missy Elliott, Ms. Lauryn Hill to the legendary MC Solaar, 2Pac, Diams, India.Arie, Stromae and J. Cole. This femcee has carved her own musical path, a fusion of genres she often calls "Rap & Soul."

Her Case Depart continues and Missy D has more promising work on the horizon, showcasing a diverse celebration of music, instrumental, people, brilliance, languages and unity. Get ready to be swept away by the energetic, hip-hop-infused world of Missy D, where every beat tells a story, and every rhyme ignites the stage with that je ne sais quoi: “So 1, 2, 3, on y va, on y va”

The Wookiez are a Canadian Beatbox Champion duo that hail from Vancouver, BC. They consist of beatbox artists CiMaX and Vino. Both initially met through a small group of beatboxers that is now a collective called the WCG (West Coast Groove). Their beatbox performance style is mainly influenced from hip-hop and electronic roots while also challenging and expanding their soundset across many experimental genres. 

The Wookiez continue to redefine modern beatboxing throughout the city and have performed at various events across the lower mainland and Canada such as the Chilliwack Mural Festival, Party for the Planet, Music Heals Foundation at the Commodore Ballroom, and more.