Cheri Maracle is a Haudenosaunee/Irish actress, singer, playwright, and host from the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She has been performing on stages across Turtle Island and abroad for over 25 years and has many TV, stage, and music credits to her name.

Cheri’s musical background began with hand drum music with the Indigenous women’s group Tiyoweh. She then penned two original albums, Closer to Home and If I Am Water, which garnered several nominations in the Indigenous music industry. Her third album, Ache of Love, is a jazz compilation, reflecting her forever love for jazz music. Cheri had the privilege of portraying Mildred Bailey at the First Ladies of Jazz concert at the Celebration of Nations Gathering in St. Catherines. Most recently, Cheri played the Waterloo Jazz Fest and the TU Jazz Fest in Ontario with her quintet. Cheri’s music can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

Upcoming, Cheri will appear in Women of the Fur Trade at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and Tartuffe at the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver.

Elise Boulanger is a haunting presence from Vancouver and Nanaimo, Canada, on Coast Salish lands. This Chamber-Pop artist captivates audiences with her haunting avalanche of a voice. Boulanger, a bilingual operatically-trained environmental advocate, creates cinematic dreamscapes with her band, which includes double bass, cello, violin, and drums.

Boulanger's newest release, “Spirit Seekers,” showcases her electronic entrance. This composition is for the seven-part docuseries Spirit Seekers, which shares rumored ghost stories from locations around Vancouver Island. Director and Medium Paula DeMontigny possesses a special ability to sense and communicate with the spirits who roamed these areas.

Performing for over 15 years, she began touring in 2021 across Western and Eastern Canada, as well as Vancouver Island and the Kootenays, as she continues to grow in the Canadian market. Boulanger's sound is reminiscent of Kate Bush with her angelic yet raw dramatic artistry and has been described as "definitely one to watch" by the Times Colonist. Her actions are bold and beautiful as she takes advantage of the stage to teach audiences how to adapt to climate change.

Embrace the vibrant rhythms and eclectic melodies of the Vancouver-based psychedelic cumbia and salsa ensemble, Empanadas Ilegales. Drawing inspiration from traditional Amazonian, Latin-Caribbean, and Andean psychedelic classics, Empanadas Ilegales transports audiences to a world of contagious grooves and altered sonic landscapes. 

With their latest record, "Creepy Mambo," the band delves deep into the heart of cumbia culture, paying homage to cult classics while infusing their music with experimental synthesizer sounds, slinky dub grooves, and feverish percussion excursions. Empanadas Ilegales creates expansive compositions that combine spellbinding guitar solos, surf riffs, and raucous saxophones, all punctuated by irresistibly danceable rhythms.

FRÄNDER plays modern acoustic folk music forged in the deep forests of northern Sweden. With seductive harmonies, heavy grooves, and mesmerizing energy, the band creates a unique musical landscape filled with mystery and charm. Combining their modern influences with the sounds of tradition, they find their creative freedom within the expressive modern sound of Nordic folk music and the traditional music of their ancestors. FRÄNDER is not interested in merely reproducing the past but strives to find new ways into the future.

They convey their music with tremendous joy, powerful energy, and, of course, enviable instrumental skills. They captivate their audience." - Ando Kiviberg, Founder, Viljandi Folk Festival

Gisto and the Grateful Living blend reggae, funk, and soulful grooves into an electrifying live experience. Led by charismatic frontman Gisto, this dynamic band captivates audiences with infectious rhythms and uplifting vibes. 

Renowned for their high-energy performances and positive messages, they transform every venue into a dance-filled celebration. Join the Grateful Living movement and let the music elevate your spirit!

Glisha is a Filipino-Canadian artist with international hit singles to her name. Her versatility through lyrically charged, pop-infused tracks and slow-burning ballads has gained major popularity in different countries worldwide, garnering over 4 million streams on streaming platforms. Aside from her streaming impact, Glisha has won numerous music awards, such as the Fraser Valley Music Awards 2021 “Excellence by a Female Artist,” The Joey Awards, the Toyota CBC Searchlight Top 100 Artists, and the FVMA 2023 RnB Artist of the Year and First Place Winner of the Dakota Leslie Fan Vote Award.

In the past year, she has graced the stages of the Surrey Canada Day Festival, Surrey Tree Lighting Festival, New Westminster's Fridays On Front, Abbotsford's Jam in Jubilee, and the North Vancouver Shipyards Festival. Glisha’s musical vision is compelling in everything she does, from her quirky, fun-loving live shows to her meticulously crafted self-written and produced songs. Glisha has new music coming out in September, so be sure to keep up with her on her social media platforms for updates!

Traditional Palestinian dance and music team based in Seattle, Washington. All former students of the University of Washington, we came together to spread our love of the culture and celebrate our heritage.

Introducing a brand new kids' show from the creator of Beauty Shop Dolls ( - The Magical Kingdom Sing & Dance A-Long Show.

Take your family on a delightful journey to the Magical Kingdom with Princess Nadia and Princess Amy. Get up on your feet and SING and DANCE to all the best fairytale hits in this fun-packed adventure.

This new production is inspired by all the children (and sometimes adults!) who have been coming to the front of the stage to follow along with the Beauty Shop Dolls' dance choreography over the years. 

Marlin Ramazzini is one of the most versatile and accomplished Latin singers on the West Coast of Canada, with a warm and sensuous voice that can tease out the essence of any song.

Growing up in Guatemala, she was inspired to start singing by listening to Cuban son, cha-cha-cha, mambo, and other hot rhythms on the radio. After winning a major talent competition at the age of 12, Marlin realized that her destiny was to make music.

She studied in Havana with several of the greatest Cuban musicians, such as the Buena Vista Social Club’s Omara Portuondo, and also learned to play percussion and marimba from master musicians.

Marlin settled in Canada in 1990, where she quickly became a pillar of the lively Latin scene, working with its leading artists. Within a few years, she created her own group under the musical direction of her husband, Juno Award-winning bassist and composer Fito Garcia.





Edward Sembatya is a versatile Ugandan dance practitioner, choreographer, educator, and drummer (Ugandan drums). His artistic works and research draw inspiration from contemporary everyday life and the rich knowledge and skills embedded in Indigenous East African dances (Ugandan in particular), music, and narratives. 

He has been dancing since the age of three and has intentions of making the art a professional career. As of now, he is a dance major student at Simon Fraser University and also studies the art of music through drumming. 

Mexico Vivo Dance Group established in 2002. Their goal is to share and preserve their Mexican culture through the art of dance. 

What to expect: Experience the vibrant culture of Mexico through a series of captivating folklore dances from different regions of Mexico. Be mesmerized by the colorful costumes and the lively music that bring the rich heritage of Mexico to life. 

If you don't know this emerging artist, well get to know and remember this name - Missy D. She's been rhyming since the tender age of 11, effortlessly switching between French and English, hailing from the Motherland with roots in Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, and Zimbabwe. Her passion for music transcends boundaries, ignited by the likes of the iconic Missy Elliott, Ms. Lauryn Hill to the legendary MC Solaar, 2Pac, Diams, India.Arie, Stromae and J. Cole. This femcee has carved her own musical path, a fusion of genres she often calls "Rap & Soul."

Her Case Depart continues and Missy D has more promising work on the horizon, showcasing a diverse celebration of music, instrumental, people, brilliance, languages and unity. Get ready to be swept away by the energetic, hip-hop-infused world of Missy D, where every beat tells a story, and every rhyme ignites the stage with that je ne sais quoi: “So 1, 2, 3, on y va, on y va”

Muévete is a marimba ensemble that loves to get people on their feet and moving! The band has been playing together for many years, during which they have performed at festivals (Vancouver World Music Festival, Vancouver Island Music Festival, Richmond World Festival, Surrey Fusion Festival, and many more) and concerts around the province. This year, the group has been working hard on writing original songs that they can’t wait to share.




Pan African Dance Heritage

Pan African Dance Heritage is non-profit organization,  a youth and adult traditional music, dance, drumming group based in the capital of Ghana, Accra.

The group, since its inception, has thrilled diverse audiences in the country and beyond with its own variations of traditional music and dance as well as contemporary dance pieces.

Through their dedication to African art, the Government of Ghana, under the auspices of the Ministry Of Culture and the National Commission on Culture, enabled the organization to represent the country in so many international platforms. Which include the Korat International Festival (Thailand 2017/2018) (Taiwan 2017), Russia 2016, Ukraine 2018, Oman 2017, Qatar 2018 and many more.

The Group travel with an array of African drums, the group has endeared itself to the hearts of Ghanaian cultural music fans with its complex rhythms that expose the beauty and diversity of Ghana and African music, drumming and dances.

ROOTS is a Peruvian folk dance group founded in 2017 under the direction of Jessica Roca Muncaster. ROOTS seeks to present and preserve Peruvian cultural dances within the communities of British Colombia. The beauty, colour, and excitement of traditional Peruvian dances are displayed in the repertoire, including dances from the three regions of Peru: Coastal, Andes, and the Amazon.
You can find ROOTS performing in a variety of venues including festivals, community groups, schools, and private events. Audiences love the combination of music, costumes, and folklore presented during the performances. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself up on your feet for the final dance. 
Roots is a group of volunteer dancers with various cultural backgrounds who share a passion for Peruvian Folk Dance. If you want a taste of Peru this is the group for you.  The rich heritage of Peruvian folk artistry is an experience you don’t want to miss.

They are an Aceh youth group with a mission to preserve Acehnese culture and embrace it in Canada. They also aim to teach our youth Acehnese traditions and practices.