Sunny Daydream is a nonbinary y2k pop star. They will staple their heart back together! In 2021, they released their bilingual debut album 'ilyimy' (pronounced "I love you, I miss you"), written in Mandarin and English, to critical acclaim. Influenced by 2000s pop, punk, and R&B, Sunny has shared the stage with Adewolf, Michelle Heyóka, KERUB, and other stars. A former "it girl", Sunny makes music to dance, cry, vibe, and heal to. You can sing along if you want to <3 (FKA Sad China)

Allowing vulnerability and authenticity to be at the forefront of everything she does, Vancouver-based Tess Anderson captivates audiences with her candid performances. Trying on many different genre hats over the years, nothing quite felt right - until now. After spending the last year in the studio refining her sound, 2023 marks the start of a brand new era for Tess Anderson. Combining the familiar gloss of pop with the heavy grit of alternative-rock, she is finally stepping into her power fronting an impressively dynamic 5-piece band. With an album's worth of new music on the way, she performed over 75 live shows last year, including opening for Mother Mother at The Commodore Ballroom. 

The Rambling Gentlemen are a Vancouver based vocal duo with guitar accompaniment, who play traditional jazz standards in the style of the 1930s and 40s. Their arrangement of standards are inspired by groups and individual artists such as the Mills Brothers, Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, Al Bowlly, and so on.

The band is led by Emmett Martin Hatlelid, a young and up-coming jazz vocalist with a love for the traditional jazz styles. On vocals and trombone is Brad Shigeta, a former member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra who’s travelled the world performing this music since his early twenties. On guitar accompaniment is Noah Gotfrit, a young musician who has toured extensively across Europe, Western Canada and the United States with a wide variety of musical acts.

The Spirit of the South Seas Polynesian Dancers - Hula Halau Na Keiki 'O Ohana Lokahi, are an award-winning local group, who invite you to join them in their song & dance. Their repertoire takes you throughout the south seas, from the aboriginal kahiko to the romantic & graceful hula ‘auana of Hawaii though to the Cook Islands, to the Maori of New Zealand, through to the excitement of pulsating drums of Tahiti. 

Top Line Vocal Collective is Vancouver's premier pop choir. Built on the foundation of harmony, rhythm, and fun, this community-based ensemble performs pop, R&B, rock, reggae, and soul hits through the decades.

Truce Student Ministries is a youth group under the Fijian Pentecostal Church based out in White Rock. Their age ranges from 10 yrs old to 18 yrs old. They minister the word of God through action songs and native Fijian dances, known as the 'meke'. 

Gilakasla nugwaum Tu Tuwasguituk 
Hello we are Stars Of The North Drum Group representing our North West Coast people of the Tlowitsis Mumtigala Nation of Alert Bay and of the Kwakiutl people of Fort Rupert on Vancouver Island, and of the Stolo people of Seabird Island Chilliwack BC. 
Stars of the North Drum Group was born in August of 2009 with the guidance of our elders sharing their wisdom, and their knowledge, and passing down to us their stories that our mother LaDonna Wiks Joseph Hindmarch puts into her own written songs in English implementing our Native Kwakwala Language.

Yoko Matsuno was born in Gifu prefecture, Japan and started taking dance lessons when she was 4 years old. She liked it so much that she decided to proceed with the intensive study to master the art form through the Nishikawa school of Japanese classical dance. In 1962, she received her “natori” (professional dance name), Nishikawa Kayo. Yoko not only dances but also plays the shamisen, a three-stringed instrument used for accompanying dance. In 1973 she became a certified shamisen player specializing in the “nagauta” style and received another stage name, Katsuyuya Kineya.

In 1976, she started teaching Japanese dance to members of the Japanese-Canadian community. The following year, she began teaching “matsuri-ondo” (festival dancing) for the Powell Street Festival and the Japanese-Canadian Centennial celebration. (She has lead the cultural impact of this art and introduced it to virtually people all over Canada.

Through dance and kimono dressing, Yoko has been introducing Japanese culture to the Canadian community for many years, and has contributed to the enrichment of the greater community.  As recognition for her 40 years of activity, Yoko was the recipient of the 2016 Nikkei Place Community award and 2018 Kiyukai Distinguished Services Award.

From the largest theatres to the tiniest zoom screens, since 2008 Travis's shows have been winning awards and critical acclaim across Canada. Known for his joyous wit and deft sleight-of-hand, he also creates magic for other magicians (some of which has appeared on America’s Got Talent), and was a magic producer on YTV's Tricked.

Kocassale Dioubate, from the Mandingo (or Malinke) tribe of Guinea, West Africa, is a descendant of his tribe’s ‘ djeliba’ (also known as griots) traditional story-tellers, entertainers, musicians, praise singers, counselors, and mediators, those who keep and preserve the tribe’s oral history and tradition, known to have deep connections to the spiritual, social, and political powers. Koca was born into this inherited lineage of arts and entertainment, as well as social skill, and has been playing and creating music, as well as dancing, since his early childhood, ever since he was old enough to walk.

Hua Xia Multiculture Society has as a primary mission coordinating and implementing comprehensive educational, cultural and social programs designed to promote intercultural dialogue, awareness and to respect for diversity.  Through advocacy and cultural programs, we create opportunities for our clients and members to expand their cultural knowledge and appreciation.  We utilize our programs and support systems to provide an optimum developmental environment where all members may develop to the highest level of their potential within the intellectually and culturally vibrant community of in Surrey, and Lower Mainland of BC.
Our cultural expression group dedicates to encouraging the participation in the performing arts. We provide the opportunity for members to develop and transform from the stage to life.

The Steel School of Irish dance is located in Cloverdale and South Surrey and has been serving the community for over 35 years. Dancers from the school range in age from 3 to adult. With both competitive and recreational programs, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Dancers from the school have achieved great success both locally and internationally with both Regional and National titles in solo and team dancing. Irish dance is not only a beautiful art form and athletic activity - it's the perfect activity to learn a new skill, stay physically fit and make new friends!

The Korean Traditional Arts Society (KTAS) is dedicated to promoting the various forms and expressions of Korean traditional culture and art in Vancouver, Canada.
KTAS develops educational activities, materials and resources available to a diverse audience through workshops, exhibitions and performances to raise community awareness of Korean culture. It also focuses on encouraging and facilitating cultural exchanges and cooperation between Canada and Korea.
KTAS aims to promote cooperation through culture and performances with various ethnic groups in Vancouver and to contribute to the future development of Vancouver culture and arts through history and cultural exchange with indigenous peoples.

Local “Yetiz” band has been performing Nepali folk songs at Surrey Fusion Festival for many years. They also perform and sing for many community programs.

Affiliated with Keri's Highland Dance Studio in White Rock, B.C, The Wee Drams is a traditional Highland dance company with a modern swish of the kilt. Previously known as Two Wee Drams, the performance group has since expanded and is comprised of B.C Provincial Representatives, dancers who performed with The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Highland Dance Team, and championship level technique. Performing in White Rock, Vancouver, and everywhere in between, The Wee Drams aim to promote Scottish and Celtic culture through Highland dance. 

Megan will be showing traditional big house dance as well as hip hop dances.